Monday, 11 April 2016

Evaluation 4

Who would be the audience for your media product?

Our title sequence would attract an audience mainly of 15-30 year olds as this is the demographic we feel would relate and enjoy the themes of our film. The film may also attract an older audience because we have the older character of the detective who the older audience could relate too, as well as enjoying the thriller theme as this was seen through the ages of pre established fanbases  of other thriller films such as Gone Girl and Gone Baby Gone. The actors used in the film also attract these age ranges through star power as they will be familiar with actors such as Kristen Stewart as she is popular with a teenage fanbase by being in films such as Twilight so therefore may be interested in viewing the film. 

Evaluation 3

Evaluation 2

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

We deciced that the genre for our title sequence was thriller,we researched the general codes and conventions for a thriller film and discovered that thriller are usually framed on building tensions throughout. The antagonist is also often kept secret throughout the film until very late on. Many close up shots are used to show emotions of characters within the title sequence. We decided to use  the codes and conventions of thriller and make our title sequence conventional and to go along with the thriller theme.The shots in our title sequence could be said to be conventional as they are very dark and quick which moves along with the story. We made the shots black and white and included intense music to move along the storyline and build tension. The montage scenes used made it clear to the audience that the main element of the plot was to find her brother through a journey, we used the montage to continually display this. The props and mise-en-scene of the title sequence fitted with the thriller theme as we used fake police evidence folders and files. This tells the audience that the criminal case was reopened and that it had an involvement of the police in the plot without actually physically showing this.The handwritten typography continued the theme of thriller by suggesting they looked like clues. The theme also kept to the codes and conventions of a thriller film as we used an investigation and secrecy of a character to create suspense. We also used editing and filming such as the low lighting, filters, music and props to enhance the thriller theme


Part 1:

Title Sequence final cut

Editing Journal 7:

 Journal 7:

Today i put in the re-filmed scenes and deleted the old scenes as we no longer needed them. I then decided to make these black and white as the colours under the torch light appeared very vibrant. Making them black and white toned them down and also madd them match the titles better. I feel as though it also make it appear much more creepy and discomforting as you are not too sure what is in the room apart from the main protagonist and evidence. I then watched for a final time to make sure that everything looked as we hoped and then imported it to youtube as the final draft.

Filming Journal 5

Journal 5:

We went back to the drama studio to continue to re-film as we did not get all of it done the previous day. We also made the improvements such as filming the close up of the toy props to create the narrative that a child has gone missing. Once again we made the room pitch black and used a phone light to light up the scene to continue to creepy atmosphere which is seen throughout the title sequence